A Single Dental Platform

Oryx helps offices of different sizes streamline their everyday tasks. It is a real time-saver for office managers and acts as an accuracy tool for dentists. Office growth is secured with high patient satisfaction.


Be invincible.

From driving new patients to optimizing your workflow, we are determined to help you reach your maximum potential.


Drive More Patients

Attract Retain


Work with confidence

Collect Assess Engage


Manage & Predict

Optimize Analyze


Why trust us?

Full Encryption

Regional Data Storage

HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant

Google Cloud Platform

Fully Managed Permissions

Daily Automated Backups


All the tools you need to manage your practice in one place.


Two-way text messaging through Twilio


E-claims with Dentalxchange & CDAnet/iTrans


Electronic Prescription through MDtoolbox


Native Imaging Solution with a range of sensors


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