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From charts to online appointment booking, Oryx gives your patients everything they need on one simple platform


Oral Health Score

Oryx's Oral Health Score is the only scientifically-based oral score out there!


Here's everything you need to know about this product: It's a free, online service!


Patients self-assess four areas of oral health: gum health, teeth health, bite and jaw joint health, and smile attractiveness.

Patient responses are analyzed and presented as a "risk assessment". This let's the patients know about the current state of their oral health and how serious things may be.

It's quick and easy to fill out! Simple "yes" and "no" answers, coupled with clear images and animations, helps patients complete their forms with ease.

After receiving the risk assessment, patients can immediately select the option to “Find a Dentist That Will Review Your Score” and find a list of all Oryx users by area code.


Marketing Tools

Oryx's Oral Health Score is a revolutionary marketing platform, designed to drive patients to your door!

Patients can find your office using our Oral Health Score platform, which you can advertise on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms. If you would like to run your own ads, simply ask about our package offer.


Patient Forms

We will make sure you are ready for any case walking through your office doors!

The confidential information, medical and dental history, and privacy forms can all be filled out from the comfort of your patients' home.

All data can be imported prior to the patient's appointment, with an automated risk and medical alerts associated to each and every case.

Your patients' privacy is very important to us! All forms are fully encrypted and secure.

You can now predict the severity of every case and confidently prepare for every patient walking through your office door. This is the power of online forms and generated risk assessments.


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