Oryx, Evidence-Based Cloud Dental Software, Partners With Open Dental

Oryx is a revolutionary cloud-based dental software. It offers easy patient online forms and an evidence-based clinical module based on Dr. John Kois’ research. The automated personalized patient report guarantees an increase in patient case acceptance and better patient care.


Work with Confidence

Keep patients involved and engaged in their care. Patients will be astonished and impressed with their personalized care and their clinical findings report - generated automatically from the examination data and paired with informed consent documents, a medical and medications report, and home care recommendations.



  • Oral Health Score backed with science
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Easy Electronic Payment
  • Medical & Dental History
  • Systematic Exam
  • Digital Photography
  • Native X-ray Acquisition
  • Interpretation Of Med/Dent History
  • Automated Diagnostic Opinion
  • Compliant Progress Notes
  • Guided Treatment Planning
  • Automated Personalized Risk Assessment
  • Educational & Instructional Material
  • Up-to-date Library of Consent Forms