Advanced Clinical Tools

Oryx allows you to complete a patient's entire clinical charting in 10 simple steps. Fast-track your office to success.

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Certain dental conditions are often linked to medical concerns. Identify these risks and respond accordingly with Oryx's interpretation key.

Memorizing endless conditions is a thing of the past using the interpretation key. All the latest literature and information is available at your fingertips.


Oryx's clinical exam is founded in science and developed using Kois Center Principles. Thorough and detailed, yet simple to navigate, our clinical exam promotes standardized charting throughout the office. Nothing is left out.


Oryx automatically generates a full diagnostic opinion based on a patient's exam and their medical/dental history. A new exam; a new diagnostic opinion.


Using Dr Kois' guided 10-step approach and Oryx's procedure shortcuts makes treatment planning the most complex case a breeze.


Funnel exam data, treatment plan info, and more into dedicated progress notes. Get all your progress notes done in less than 60 seconds and rest assured that everything is well organized and documented.

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Automatically-generated and backed by Kois methodology, Oryx's patient risk assessment helps you communicate better with your patient.

The report is populated with a variety of patient images, keeping your patient involved and engaged in their treatment.

The report gives the patient a whole range of information; a general overview, detailed explanations & life-style habits, all in patient-friendly language.


Oryx's Informed Consent Forms allow your patients to quickly sign off any procedure from an extensive library.

The list is automatically triggered by the procedures in the patient's treatment plan.

All forms are available to be signed digitally using OryxDocs. Paper forms are a thing of the past!

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Expedite your walk-out process with Oryx's Patient Concerns Brochure.

Address any questions or concerns a patient might have through informative literature, ensuring your patients and staff are on the same page.

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With only one click, you can now generate a form to share any recommended home care product and instructions.

No patient will be calling your office trying to remember the name of that product you mentioned. Patient confusion is no more.


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