Imaging & Photography Solutions

Simplify taking photos, scans, and more. With Oryx, the bigger picture just became clearer.


With various templates, we've got you covered. From Bitewings to FMX, it's all available.

Anything taken in OryxImaging is uploaded directly to your Oryx realm in high quality DICOM files.


All images taken in OryxImaging are fully editable in Oryx. Measure, annotate, and more, all at your own convenience in our imaging viewer.


Oryx directly integrates with these sensors:


and any other sensor through TWAIN driver.


Oryx offers an iPhone/iPod application that captures all the extra-oral and intra-oral photos you may need.

Simply snap your photos and Oryx will automatically sync the images with the patient’s chart.

We take your patient's privacy seriously! The application is fully HIPAA/Pipeda compliant. No photos are stored on any device and all images are encrypted.


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