Electronic Services

It's time to go fully digital. Oryx offers unique, electronic services and smart integration to increase your office's productivity and efficiency.

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DentalXChange - USA

To insure smooth claim handling, Oryx has teamed up with DentalXChange, the leader in EDI solutions for the dental industry.


iTrans/CDAnet - Canada

Oryx has passed the certification of CDAnet with flying colors to provide our Canadian offices with the best digital workflow available.



Your patients can sign any office forms including HIPAA/Pipeda forms.

You can review your patient's history on an iPad, discuss their immediate concerns and have them sign these forms.

You can use this application to snap quick photos of any documents that the patent walks through the door with.

Oryx ensures that your team won't need to do any double-duty. The application is automatically synced with the patient's profile.



MDtoolbox's extensive list of prescription drugs and medication is now available at your fingertips.

Send prescriptions safely and securely over the internet, without worry.


New and potential patients can search for your office location via zip code, so that they're always closeby.

We promote our users by driving traffic and new patients towards your office using Oryx.

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A leading electronic payment processor, OpenEdge allows patients to pay on the go.

Keep your POS system and Oryx ledgers synced. Your reports will thank you.


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