Our Story

Oryx lives on the cutting edge of dental software advancement.

We are committed to providing reliable, forward-thinking solutions to your office's problems. Our founders' experiences in software development and dentistry provide a refreshing alternative to existing practice management solutions. We strive for a living, breathing platform that is always growing. We listen to our customers' concerns, and respond with improvement. We fight for dentists, dental office teams, hygienists, dental assistants, and patients involved in our product. We seek excellence in everything we do.

This is the essence of Oryx, a platform by dentists for dentists.


Running a successful dental practice requires strong leadership, an experienced team, and the right tools.

Oryx's president and founder, Dr. Rania Saleh, realized that an important tool was missing from her practice: the right dental software. After a decade as a dentist and private practice owner, Rania's frustrations with dealing with multiple software “solutions" became overwhelming. It wasn't until she attended a course at the Kois Center, Dr. John Kois's world-renowned center for dental education and advancement, that Dr. Saleh realized what was lacking in other dental platforms. With Dr. Kois's science-based methodology, the help of her husband, successful Silicon Valley developer Khaled, and a team of very talented engineers and designers, Oryx was born.

It is their seamless solution for all your dental office's needs to run a successful and profitable practice. 


What differentiates Oryx from other dental platforms? Evidence-based research. After joining forces with Dr. Kois, director of the Kois Center and innovator of advanced aesthetics, implants and restorative dentistry, Dr. Rania and Khaled began development of Oryx in 2015. Dr. Kois's methodology and Oryx's user-friendly interface was combined to create a titan in the clinical solution field.

Oryx seeks to empower dentists with the latest dental literature and software advancements in the field. It is here to improve your professional life and the lives of your patients.